Meydan Grandstand, Dubai


A luxurious and extravagant space to host, not only the Dubai Royal Family but also esteemed race guests and overseas visitors, was the main brief for the New Royal Enclosure at the Meydan Race Course in Dubai. The main focus of the design was to show off to guests and visitors the splendor of what Dubai has to offer as well as offering a first class venue for horse races. Everything from the entrance lobby through to the powder rooms had to be of the highest quality. The main spatial design inspiration of the project was from the form and beauty of the Peacock and his’ feathers and fish scales. Both of the inspirations was derived from the days where Dubai was a fishing village before oil was discovered and the growth of the state after oil was discovered and where hundreds of peacocks can be seen on the palace grounds today. Furthermore, this concept was combined both to give shape and unity of the seven states of the United Arab Emirate as seen in the ceiling feature located above the VVIP seating areas. This peacock feather concept can be seen across the entire design, especially in the colours for flooring and wall claddings which tie in with traditional Arabic patterning but with a modern twist.